Spices welcome expansion team Ballstars 4.0 with drubbing

A light rain fell as the Pinks and the Reds took the dirt field on Cambridge Common on Thursday evening. The mud, wet ball and slippery grass would challenge both teams, but Captain Big was enthusiastic.

“I love playing in the wet,” he said. “That slippy ball is tough to handle, which favors the big kickers. And their third baseman is wearing a white t-shirt.”

Captain Big won Rochambeau on a rock, providing further evidence that the Brow’s “scissors-only” strategy will only win 33% of the time. Big then drew some raised eyebrows when he intentionally chose to kick first. However, he refused to answer questions regarding his strategy.

“I’m not going to answer any strategy questions,” he said.

The upstart Ballstars struck first in the bottom of the first. However, The Team Your Team Could Smell Like quickly hit back with five runs of their own in the top of the second. Game MVP BK and Colin each drove in two runs while Zach added an RBI of his own.

"I had one thing on my mind when I came to the field: Clam," said BK. "I didn't care how many balks flew in my face, I wanted to rake the clam home with me. But for a while I thought we might get rained out. I didn't care. I was ready to play in the mud. But in the end, the clam was mine."

Colin was exuberant: “Neither rain nor Ballstars will stop The Team Your Team Could Smell Like.”

The two kicks of the night that deserved more came off the feet of two of the team’s best bunters. Asian and Angela both got the rare opportunity to swing away and both made good contact. Asian’s kick, with good pop, made a seam directly at the pitcher’s chest. Angela’s kick had an eye for the turf behind the first baseman, but he was able to make a heroic catch to frustrate her chances at a single.

Defensively, the Spices were solid. The defensive Play Of The Night went to one of the newest members of the team. Amy, a last-minute signing, fought the rain to reel in a shallow fly to left center. As she formed up for the catch, however, the ball bounced in her arms and back into the air. Showing her grit, though, Amy recovered and, with a great second effort, made her second catch in one kick.

The Iron-Man Defender of the game was Asian. After having two swim-moves spoiled by encroaching fielders, Asian eventually got her chance in the fifth inning.

“As I completed my swim,” said Asian. “All I could think about was how Angela snagged the bouquet at Ray and Meghan’s wedding this weekend.”


Later that night, Frey would propose to Asian, offering her a brimming cup of light beer.

“It was the happiest moment of my Thursday!”

The “Great-effort-too-bad-it-means-NOTHING” play of the game went to Phil and Nancy. Phil snagged a grounder down the third base line and winged it to second to force out the leading runner. Nancy, covering the base made a great catch to complete the play. However, the kick was ruled a foul, thus spoiling the two players’ bid for glory.

“I was bummed!” Nancy said. “After all that and it was meaningless!”

Despite it being only the second game of the season, the Spices showed the comfort and ease of veterans

One of the Ballstars’ players was heard at the bar, “We’re pretty sure you guys are, like, a professional kickball team.”

Now, with a record of 2-0, the Spices are looking forward to next week’s matchup against another expansion club: VIP Let’s Kick It.

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