Robbies Slime Kickelodeon in Quarterfinal Blowout

The Rampaging Trilobites entered the 2012 MA Patriot Playoffs riding high on an 8 game win streak in which they consistently exhibited a comfortable dominance over the rest of the league.

Tom goes deep.
However, if Munt and Flip history has taught us anything, the team’s biggest enemy has been complacence. So the Robbies took the field on Thursday night with a self-assured determination, confident but resolute. Fans tuning in to see a close-fought duel, however, saw a game end almost before it had begun.

 Kickelodeon, who had easily dispatched Gettin’ Cider in their first round, were unprepared for the Robbies’ defensive coolness and offensive ferocity.

With three of the first four Trilobites kickers reaching base, Game MVP Tom stepped into the kicking box with a full plate. One pitch was all he needed to send the ball into deep right center for a grand slam.

The Robbies would then score five more in the bottom of the frame, including a two run triple by Pete.

Allow a ball to drop, then *you* have to drop!
“Being able to kick a triple is no easy feat,” said the breathless first baseman. “Lots of hardwork and practice go into learning just how to handle the ball with your toes. Typically, I lack the forethought to play enough to watch for signs of whether or not I should continue and end up just blowing past in excited anticipation of getting home.  Today, however, I stopped at third for a tease. The extra time spent at third led to a greater climax in the end.”

If the nine run first inning wasn’t enough to take the wind out of the orange team’s sails, a nearly impenetrable Robbie defense did. The defensive star of the night went to catcher Chris, who had three put-outs, including the night’s only double play. When asked what he’s been spiking his muscle milk with, he said, “Saints Flow! If cocaine and coffee fucked in an alley, this would be the baby they left in the trashcan.”

So there’s that.

The Trilobites’ offense would come alive, again, in the bottom of the third inning for six more runs, including RBIs by Big, Nick, two for Charles and two more for Tom.

Reporters caught up with Tom in the locker room after the offensive explosion.

“I knew that if I could get 6 RBIs in the playoffs, I could complain about arbitration in the off season,” said the plucky third baseman. “So the decision to kick a grand slam was purely a financial one, but damn if it didn't feel good.”

With a 14 run deficit, Kick-At-Night developed a keen interest in a refreshing beer and abruptly abandoned their 2012 playoff run after the top of the fourth inning.

Many of the Trilobites joined them, while others descended on the Harvard Square JP Licks where they horrified other ice cream enthusiasts with Internet video tales and Coconut Butter fights.

The Robbies will face off against Das Boot in their Semi-Final match. The Booters will be looking for revenge after their regular season defeat. The Trilobites will not be able to take their foot off the gas if they hope to earn an invite to the storied 2012 WAKA Founders Cup in Las Vegas.

Robbies Mow Down Grass Kickers

The Rampaging Trilobites came into Thursday night’s match against the Grass Kickers in high spirits as they looked to complete their perfect season and go into the 2012 MA Patriot Playoffs with an 8-0 record. 

The Robbies’ offense came out of the gate swinging in the bottom of the first, plating seven runs on RBIs by Phil, Colin, Asian, a triple by Bala and a homerun by Big.

Captain Big attributed the offensive explosion to veteran cunning, physical prowess, and a dogged persistence.

“That, and we kicked the crap out of the ball, today,” he added.

With a commanding lead against a team that was clearly eyeing their bus with longing, the Trilobites would take their foot off the gas and go to a “Kick-away-no-munting” strategy through the rest of the game. The seven runs would prove more than enough to guarantee the win, but the relaxed mindset may have cost Nancy her perfect kicking record on the season, as she had a foul ball caught in the bottom of the fourth inning.

Defensively, the Trilobites were, at times, fighting over scraps, as Phil largely held the Grass Kickers’ offense silent.

Game MVP JP, playing a rare game in the Hot Corner at third base, was given numerous opportunities and he made the most of them, single-handedly accounting for all three outs in the third inning, including an impressive one-armed snag on a roped kick in foul territory.

"Watch and learn Youk/Middlebrooks, see how it's done!" exclaimed the Breathless Buddha. JP holds the distinction of being the only player to win the Game MVP award twice this season.

When reached for comment, Youkilis only said, “I’m over it.”

On the other side of the diamond, Asian had a number of catches of her own, as her competitive streak pushed her to outperform the “other Asian person on the team”. While she nearly had all three outs in the fourth, a short fly that resulted in the third out was caught by a dutifully oblivious Colin at first base.

“The ball belonged to Colin, I was being greedy,” Asian said when asked about calling for a ball that was clearly the first baseman’s to play. “After seeing JP take all three outs in one inning, I had to prove I was the better Asian. I mean, I am the Asian!”

“I'm like a ball magnet,” said Colin. “Whenever balls are in the area, they'll find their way into my hands.”

An otherwise unremarkable game, however, did see the return of the oft-absent Pete at the Lobster Claw position. Pete has missed an unusually large number of games this season for various reasons. When asked how he managed to find the field again, Pete said:

“It was really never about me finding the field. The real story is how the field found me. Fade into a montage of kickball players walking out of a crop of marijuana, and you'll find me at 1st base.”

The Trilobites succeeded in finishing the MA Patriot 2012 season with the maximum possible points, easily earning a first seed placement going into playoffs. A Munt and Flip team has not taken home the Championship hardware since 2009, so the Trilobites will be hoping that this is the year they will earn their third star.

Playoffs will commence on Thursday, July 12. Fans of the Robbies should stay tuned for updates as to when they’ll next see their favorite kickball team in action on Cambridge Common!

Robbies Score More reRuns Than Kick-At-Night

Congrats Nancy, you're welcome Ladies.
The Rampaging Trilobites braved the hottest day of the Spring to kick into the sun against the high-spirited Kick-At-Night.

Even after steeling themselves for the heat with refreshments at NuBar (The Official Pre-Game Bar for YOUR Rampaging Trilobites!), the Robbies were forced to resort to more exotic methods to beat the heat.

“My secret is that I have little battery-powered fans attached to my upper legs, which help keep the boys cool,” said Co-Captain Colin. “Unfortunately they add a little bit of extra weight, which is why I was thrown out at home in the third inning.”

Despite the conditions, however, the Trilobites offense brazenly flaunted its potency, plating eight runs over only three innings, including Phil’s first dinger of the season, a two run homer in the first.

Game MVP Nancy, who shares the honor of maintaining a perfect average with only one game to go in the regular season, added to her own Slugging percentage, scoring a two-RBI double in the bottom of the second inning with some smart baserunning.

Because if I have a picture of Tristan without his
shirt, then I clearly need to include one of him
without his pants.
“I'm glad I didn't psych myself with the bases loaded and was able to get a few runs in (in addition to keeping my perfect kicking record).”

The other big RBI score of the day came in from Bala who, despite having a tender hamstring, managed to bring in a pair of his own, despite taking a ball to the knee before reaching first base.

“My secret is being a lazy son of a bitch (Hi Mom!)” said Bala.

The game was called after only three and a half innings due to time (though observers suspect the heat and the fact that the orange team clearly preferred to hustle over to Tommy Doyle’s before the AC broke).

The Trilobites will look to complete their perfect season next week on Field A against the infamous Grass Kickers.

Trilobites Sink Das Boot

Thursday’s game between the streaking Rampaging Trilobites and the undefeated Das Boot was touted as a clash between titans. The veteran Trilobite squad, while on a five game win streak, had yet to be truly tested. The relatively green Das Boot team, meanwhile, had been able to rely on pure athleticism to carry them through the season so far. Experts were split on how the teams would match up.

While the pundits debated, however, the two teams stepped onto the field with a clear focus and were ready to go to work when the time came.

The Trilobites came out swinging, plating three runs in the top of the first to take an early lead. It might have been more, if not for a baserunning gaff by Captain Big, which saw him tagged out between third and home. The Booters responded in the bottom of the frame with four runs of their own as the meat of their lineup found traction with the long ball.

Walk! Don't Run!
For a time, fans wondered how the middle of the Trilobites’ order would respond to the challenge put forth. The answer: With patience and determination. The Rampaging Trilobites have made a living out of playing smart kickball, knowing when to kick and when to bunt, knowing when to swing and when to let a bouncy ball go. It was with a veteran and methodic air that the Robbies quickly loaded the bases and brought runs in, including by way of an earned walk to score Shelby from third. By the time the Das Boot defense was able to adapt, the Trilobites had regained the lead for good with three additional runs.

The abbreviated Das Boot offense, meanwhile, while full of vigor and enthusiasm, seemed unable to respond in kind. While the Booters continued to rely on their power, the seasoned Robbies defense seemed to have an answer. Of particular note on the day, was left fielder Charles, who made a number of acrobatic catches to save sure runs and extra bases.

“I must have angered the kickball gods last week when I mentioned I hadn't gotten any flyballs kicked to my position in the outfield,” Charles exclaimed. “They really kicked my butt for it. I guess my offering of incense and Patron Silver did the trick.”

Second baseman Asian also made significant defensive contributions, with a trio of catches that seemed to deflate the Das Boot lineup. It was in the fourth inning, with runners on and the Booters’ cleanup kicker at the plate, when Asian got in the way of a frozen rope through the infield to end the inning.

Game MVP Tom
“He tattooed that ball,” said Big, who observed the play from the Robbies’ dugout. “It had eyes for the outfield, and I think he kicked it to the right side thinking he could take advantage of Asian’s size. But that kid is full of piss and vinegar and isn’t going to let no one but nobody walk over her.”

“I knew we had to have our A game out there to take down Das Boot,” said Asian. “So when I had my opportunity to get some outs, I just went for it.”

Das Boot's kicker (who had previously been heard to exclaim “That’s how men do it!” after his three run homer in the first – a result of a double error at the plate by Big) returned to his team’s bench with his head hung low.

Despite the gritty defensive performance by the Trilobites, the game always felt close, so the Robbies needed a hero in the fifth to break the game open. After a lucky homerun that found its way between the legs of the right center fielder by Big, things looked better, but still tight. Then Game MVP Tom stepped to the plate and belted a kick out to center for a three run homer to finally break the game open.

“You munt, and you munt, and you munt, and the day when you get the green light comes, and you just hope not to screw it up,” said the soft-spoken third baseman. “Getting lucky never felt so good.”

Some pundits will wonder how much luck was involved, as Tom has been consistent in his offensive output all season long (7 AB, 6 H, AVG: .857, 2 Doubles, 1 HR, 4 RBIs, 6 R). Others will wonder about the his previous experiences of “getting lucky” and whether or not someone needs to get the kid laid. But, at the end of the day, Das Boot’s spirit was broken and the Trilobites where able to trade a few runs for outs to end the game and keep their win streak alive.

“It certainly wasn’t my best game,” said Big afterwards. “But let me tell you something, this Trilobite squad has something. It has something that’s been growing for years. A seed that was planted by the Middlesex Panthers years ago and that’s been growing steadily ever since. There’s a vintage to our kickball, I think, that other teams can’t account for, can’t plan for, can’t answer. It’s games like this that remind me that, while an individual may stumble, the team will always push through. When you look back and see only one set of tracks and ask the Trilobites where they were in those times of need, they answer: ‘You idiot, Trilobites didn’t spend a lot of time on the beach, they lived primarily in the water. This is a ridiculous metaphor!’”

The Robbies hope to keep the streak alive next week when they face another league powerhouse, Kickelodeon on Field C.

Robbies To Kick James: ‘Hit the bricks!’

Field C on Cambridge Common was the setting for one of the more contentious games of the season, as the red-hot Rampaging Trilobites faced off against a streaking Kick James! squad.

An inexperienced officiating crew made it quickly apparent that the game would not be without its controversy.

“Volume and knowledge of the game,” said Captain Big. “Those are the two factors you look for in a good ref. If you know the rules, great. But if you’re not loud, you can’t control the game and the teams will take over, which can get ugly fast. There were definitely a few moments in today’s game where you worried it was going to get out of hand. In the end, though, everybody remembered that it’s kickball, and we could all share a beer after the game. I can’t say it’s not frustrating, however, being five weeks into the season and having teams not know some of the basic rules of the game. The kicking box, what constitutes a strike and encroachment rules should not be surprises at this point.”

Due to Field C’s proximity to the brick walkways that crisscross Cambridge Common, the captains agreed before the game to allow for automatic home runs and ground rule doubles so as to prevent fielders from risking injury by running onto or across the slicker surface. This field rule immediately paid dividends for both teams, as each side was awarded doubles and home-runs throughout the game.

Kick James! got off to a quick start in the top of the first with a two-run homerun onto the bricks. The Trilobites, however, responded quickly in the bottom of the frame, though things got off to a clumsy start as Seamus dove into first to beat a throw that wasn’t coming.

When asked if the impressive slide was a ploy to win over the fan vote for Player of the Match, Seamus laughed: “We have fans?!?! Sure, for them, yes, that was a slide. For the record books that was certainly not an ‘I-drank-a-significant-amount-of-“Diet-Coke-™”-before-stepping-to-the-plate-and-tripped-on-myself-and-managed-to-do-it-six-feet-from-the-base-and-am-six-feet-tall,-so-fell-in-the-right-spot.’”

Phil then took advantage of a lackadaisical catcher and put himself aboard. Big was then able to homer to right center, driving in three.

One of the first controversies of the day came next, as Nick came close to going back-to-back with Captain Big with a deep boot to left that came down inches from the bricks before bouncing across the path.

Because of the lack of volume coming from the third base ref, however, many on the Robbies’ bench thought the ball might have come down on the stones and Nick jogged around the bases confident of his home run. Because none of the referees were willing to take control of the game, however, Big was forced to walk out on the field and loudly call his own player back to second base.

“I hated having to do it,” said Big. “But if we were going to have any chance of having a clean game, a gesture had to be made to keep both teams from falling on each other’s throats.”

The Trilobites’ defense was able to hold strong through the second, blanking the James’ offense. In the bottom of the inning, however, the Robbies put the pressure on, with Game MVP JP driving in two, and Colin and Jamie combining for another brace.

JP would take home the Lucky Award, not only for his offensive contribution, but also for his team play on the field. It was in the quiet top of the second inning when a blooping line drive came his way in left center. Rather than catch the ball cleanly, JP “elected” to tip the ball back towards the infield, allowing Nancy to make a shoe-string catch and prevent a sure run.

“Good job! Great effort!” JP was heard to exclaim.

The second defensive star of the game was Reggie, making a great catch in right center field in the third inning, which fans of the team hope will boost the rookie’s confidence as the season moves forward. When asked where he has been looking for inspiration, Reggie crowed, “When we took the field, my man Nick looked at me and said ‘We're not dropping anything out here.’ When I saw that ball sailing at me, I knew that was my moment. I firmly set my jaw and thought ‘I got this.’”

Kick James would tack two more runs on the board in the top of the fourth, but the Trilobites responded with a two run homer by Big across the brick path in left center, scoring Phil, who retained his 1.000 batting average on the season.

Due to the on-field tension, it was almost a relief to see the game come to a close without further incident and the Robbies were able to cruise through the top of the fifth to close out the game for a victory.

Despite a lighter-than-average showing at the bar, the Trilobites, again, came up big. Tom earned kudos for outlasting no less than four other teams in survivor flip cup. Barrett, meanwhile, bested them all by placing six pieces of rigatoni on a single piece of angel hair pasta without using her hands. It’s these efforts, both on and off the field, that show that the Robbies are running at full steam this season.

The Trilobites will not be able to take their foot off the gas, however, as they’ll face off against upstart Das Boot on Field B next week.
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Robbies Take Over Callihan Auto Parts

A beautiful day on the Common showed the Rampaging Trilobites take the field against the hard-nosed Callihan Auto Parts. The Robbies were sitting pretty going into the fourth game of the season, riding high on a 3-0 start to the season.

Game MVP Jamie
The final score of this one doesn’t truly reflect the close nature of the evening’s game through the first four innings. Both teams flexed their defensive muscle in the early going, keeping runners to a minimum and making life difficult for the kickers.

The defensive play of the game went to MVP Jamie, who reeled in a sharply-kicked line drive through the infield, then put out the runner on first who’d left the base without tagging.

“All the practicing with the [Angry Penguins] made the catch-to-throw transition easy,” she gushed. “I am thrilled that it connected so well! It felt really awesome to make a play like that. Pete made a fantastic catch to get him out.”

Callihan, for their part, put together a strong defensive effort as well. Catcher Erik made numerous plays that caught the eyes of the Trilobite scouts.

“Put a pair of cleats on that kid and he could go far,” said Big.

Despite their defensive strength, however, the Robbies managed to push a run across in both the second and third innings.

Asian, who found herself on base all night, was able to score on a sacrifice to deep right by Aaron in top of the second inning.

“After last week’s drunken debacle, I knew I had to come up big this week,” said Asian. “While up at bat, I just wanted to get a good bunt down and then book it to first base. I’m glad that my fellow Trilobites were able to bring me home.”

Captain Big attributed Asian’s success on the base paths and in the field to her grit and determination.

“That, and I knew I had tequila shots waiting for me at the bar,” added Asian.

In the third inning, Lara would kick her first career double and then score on perfectly placed single by JP, who has been a consistent contributor all season long.

Midway through the fourth inning, the captains were asked if they wished to continue through the fifth despite the fading light. Both teams were enthusiastic about seeing the game through to the end.

Perhaps spurred by the question of an early end to the game, Callihan’s offense pushed hard in the bottom of the fourth inning. They put runners on base and nearly scored on a double down the left field line. A great heads-up play by Lara, however, got the ball in quickly enough to allow Aaron to tag the runner out between home and third.

Seeing that their two run lead might not be enough to hold off the Callihan offense, the Trilobites, as one, seemed to step to the plate with renewed resolve. Erin put down a perfect bunt to get aboard to start the inning. Phil, who is coming off a mild hamstring injury, stepped up and placed a perfect single through the right side.

Lucky getting cozy with Rio and co.
Tristan and Colin, then, had trouble picking up the ball out of the pitcher’s hand and the Trilobites suddenly had two outs on them.

Jamie, however, kept the rally alive with an important single into shallow left, over the head of Callihan’s agile shortstop. The previous week’s Game MVP, Chris, then knocked a two run double, followed by another two-bagger by Bala, who sough redemption for striking out earlier in the game.

Asian and Charles kept things going with singles. Then Big and Aaron blasted back-to-back triples, driving in three more runs.

“It was fun to watch,” said Big. “You could see everyone buckle down and focus. The fact that we scored eight runs with two outs in the inning shows the kind of determination this team can muster when pushed.”

With the score sheet broken wide open, Callihan was unable to put together the same offensive bite they did the previous inning and the bottom of the fifth went quickly.

Both teams were appreciative of the refs who stuck around despite reservations about the light and early flights in the morning. Hopefully, a pitcher soothed their hurts.

Next week, the Trilobites will face the infamous Kick James! Show up early to get the best seats!

Trilobites Kick a Couple More Than One Kick Wonders

Asian carried the team... well, Doug, at least...
It was a perfect day for kickball as the Rampaging Trilobites took the field against One Kick Wonders. The sun setting behind the Sheraton Commander, Harvard Square bedazzled with newly minted Harvard Graduates in their dresses and Co-Captain Asian running at full volume, fueled by Patron, Sam Summer and The All-Spark.

After quickly getting through the top of the first in the field, the Trilobites offense dug in, plating three quick runs on RBIs by Nick and Aaron.

The scoring, then, went tit-for-tat for a short while. The Wonders would get one back in the second on a blooping single which eluded an impressive diving effort by Asian in short right field. Big countered in the bottom of the frame with a home run to left field. A communication error in the top of the third allowed a short pop-up to drop between Big and Reggie, scoring a second Wonder.

MVP Chris with Lucky
The Trilobite offense kicked in with a vengeance in the bottom of the fourth, however, with Game MVP Chris breaking it open with a two run double, scoring Amit and Colin.

“I'd like to thank DrunkAsian for her slurred words of motivation pre-kick,” said Chris. “Without her inspiration my cat Loki wouldn't be trying to hump Lucky-the-Trilobite at this very moment!”

Nancy and Shelby would then drive in two more runs with well-placed infield singles. Aaron plated the Trilobites’ final insurance run in the bottom of the fourth, for the third RBI of his first game as a Robbie.

“I thank Patron and Long Trail for my offensive potency,” Aaron hooted. “Oh, and Asian's boobies and my fiancĂ©e’s sweet Trilobutt! The support of the Trilobites and Trilobettys, especially our captains, will always push me to drink more, flip more cups and kick more runs in (not necessarily in that order)!”

Another Wonder run would score in the top of the fifth inning when Big misjudged the basepath to homeplate on the modified infield (it’s worth noting that he helped set the field up on the day and made the decision to move the field up the third baseline in order to avoid a patch of standing water on Cambridge Common’s softball field).

Big was visibly annoyed with himself for allowing the first runs of the young season and pitched with a chip on his shoulder the whole game, causing his visiting brother to observe: “He did seem to pitch faster than everybody else.”

Colin n' Jamie - This Fall on TBS (Very Funny)
The Trilobites remain undefeated on the season, but their performance seemed to light a fire in observers from other teams. The plate umpire – who plays for Das Boot – was heard to say: “I can’t wait to play [these guys]. It’ll be competitive. They better bring their A-game.” Fans of the Robbies can look forward to that contentious match on June 14, week 6 of the Patriot 2012 schedule.

Despite the somewhat messy game, the Rampaging Trilobites had another good showing at the bar, though Big was heard accusing Reggie of “drinking too slowly” and “flipping with only one hand”, to which Reggie responded: “STOP DESTROYING MY CONFIDENCE!”

The Trilobites will return to action next week against Callihan Auto Parts.

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Trilobites Tell Mojo: “No Go”

Riding high on their season opener victory, the Trilobites carried their momentum into Week 2, sporting their newly bedazzled uniforms.

Lucky enjoys Drink Club Fridays
“Green and Purple are a good match,” said Captain Big. “I think they provide a refreshing combination for the familiar WAKA color pallet. People will either ‘get it’, or will be so disgusted that, perhaps, they’ll bobble a catch or swing and miss. We’re like zebras out there, confusing our would-be foes.”

With a light squad, the women of the Rampaging Trilobite herd were asked to come up big and, true to form, the “TriloBettys” rose to the occasion.

Game MVP Barrett was a steel trap in Right Center all day, making solid, run-saving catch after catch.

“It felt great to get the MVP award,” she said. “Apparently I left my butter fingers at home and managed to make a few outs in the process! And although Shelby forgot the Trophy Trilobite, we managed to catch up at the bar the next day!”

Offensively, Tom, Big and JP were the breadwinners.

Big kicked his first homerun of the season in the second inning, scoring Asian and Phil on a liner through the left side of the infield.

Tom, a veteran of South Boston kickball, but who has been looking for an opportunity to make up for a calamitous Dinosaurs episode selection (A coming-of-age story in which Robbie goes through Dino-puberty but almost destroys the world in the process!) at the weekend viewing party, blasted a ball into the outfield.

Charles sporting his TriloBITE ME cap
“Although my original plan to kick the ball into outer space came up a few hundred miles short,” Tom said. “I did manage to drop a double just to the right of the foul line. Kudos to a great team for another amazing win. My apologies for subjecting you to ‘The Howling!’”

JP, finding himself in the spotlight for the second week in a row, this time driving Tom home on a well-placed infield single.

While the Trilobites managed to put together a flawless defensive performance and shut out the Creative Mojo lineup, the defensive all-star of the evening had to be Mojo’s pitcher, Mitch, who made multiple acrobatic catches that one might have seen on SportsCenter.

“I like his pep,” said Captain Big. “Also, we obviously share a hairstylist. I’ve already talked to our General Manager about looking out for him when Free Agency rolls around.”

It was a successful evening of kickball all around, capped by a dominant Trilobite performance at the flip-cup table, with an impressive one-flip streak by Asian. Barrett and Tom also put in a strong effort in the toilet-paper-unroll challenge, though, in the end, their toilet-paper-unrolling skills simply couldn’t match those of the competition. They’ve already identified some areas for improvement and will be working in the off-week on their times.

Next week, the Trilobites face off against the One Kick Wonders.

Rampaging Trilobites Run Riot Over Blue Steel in 2012 Season Opener

It was a seemingly endless off-season, but kickball has returned to Cambridge Common, bringing with it a scourge of Rampaging Trilobites.

Named for the testiest of arthropods, the Trilobites came out swinging in their season opener against long time nemesis Blue Steel. These two teams have a history going back entire years, so the league organizers saw fit to pit the squads against each other to get their fledgling season off to an explosive start.

With a strong wind blowing in from right field, both teams struggled to put anything deep. However, the Trilobites offense proved itself potent in the bottom of the first inning, plating four runs off of a double by Big and two thumping sacrifices by Charles and JP.

Lucky the Trilobite keeping cool at the Commander before the Trilobite's Season Opener. 
Both teams buckled down through the next two innings as the pitchers on either side fought the wind and the surface to throw strikes.

The defensive highlight of the day came in the top of the third inning when aristocrat, playboy and kickball journeyman JP charged a quickly dropping blooper in shallow left field. The ball moved on him at the last second and bounced up off his upper arms. Trilobite fans, hearts in their throats, watched the ball ricochet over JP’s head. Game MVP Shelby, backing JP up in Left Center like a seasoned pro, calmly plucked the errant ball out of the air, completing the season’s first “Doubles Play” (not to be confused with the more familiar “Double Play”).

“I was worried because we were both going after it but we weren’t communicating,” said Shelby. “Luckily, when the ball bounced out of his arms, I was right there to snatch it out of the air. I’ve always had a talent for grabbing balls.”

The Trilobite offense, again, came alive in the bottom of the fourth with a double by Shelby, who would then score on a two-bagger by Tom. Another three runs plated on a single by Phil and a massive two run sacrifice by Charles.

The officials were forced to call the game after only four innings due to time and light concerns, so some on the Blue Steel side felt hard-done-by in being denied a chance to get their last at-bats. However, Trilobite fans should anticipate seeing the Blues in this year’s playoffs.

“All in all, I’m happy with our start to this season,” said Captain Big. “Eight runs is good for the offense, makes them feel good and productive. Turning in a shut-out performance should amp up our defense even more. We saw a lot of good things out there. We’re looking forward to seeing more in the coming weeks.”

Next Thursday, the Trilobites face off against upstart Creative Mojo.

Rampaging Trilobites Season Stats

Playoffs Stats
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Season Totals. This page will be updated as the season progresses.
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2B - Doubles
3B - Triples
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Season's Beginning

Another great practice on Tuesday with a strong Trilobite showing has us champing at the bit to get going. Just under a month til Go Time!

But it's perfect kickball weather out there right now! Can I go outside and play? Please?

Photo by Barrett

The Rampaging Trilobites: A New Beginning

They say, sometimes, that in order to look to the future, you have to remember the past. This season, we're going way back. We'll travel all the way back to the age of the Dinosaurs (via early '90s ABC). 

This season, we are the Bob La Brea High School Rampaging Trilobites!

 I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty freaking pumped. This is going to be an awesome season. How awesome?

We have a freaking mascot. How's that for awesome?
Everything else is just details.

 Heads up MA Patriot 2012, we're about to smack you harder than Not the Mama!

 Captain Big
Rampaging Trilobites