Robbies Score More reRuns Than Kick-At-Night

Congrats Nancy, you're welcome Ladies.
The Rampaging Trilobites braved the hottest day of the Spring to kick into the sun against the high-spirited Kick-At-Night.

Even after steeling themselves for the heat with refreshments at NuBar (The Official Pre-Game Bar for YOUR Rampaging Trilobites!), the Robbies were forced to resort to more exotic methods to beat the heat.

“My secret is that I have little battery-powered fans attached to my upper legs, which help keep the boys cool,” said Co-Captain Colin. “Unfortunately they add a little bit of extra weight, which is why I was thrown out at home in the third inning.”

Despite the conditions, however, the Trilobites offense brazenly flaunted its potency, plating eight runs over only three innings, including Phil’s first dinger of the season, a two run homer in the first.

Game MVP Nancy, who shares the honor of maintaining a perfect average with only one game to go in the regular season, added to her own Slugging percentage, scoring a two-RBI double in the bottom of the second inning with some smart baserunning.

Because if I have a picture of Tristan without his
shirt, then I clearly need to include one of him
without his pants.
“I'm glad I didn't psych myself with the bases loaded and was able to get a few runs in (in addition to keeping my perfect kicking record).”

The other big RBI score of the day came in from Bala who, despite having a tender hamstring, managed to bring in a pair of his own, despite taking a ball to the knee before reaching first base.

“My secret is being a lazy son of a bitch (Hi Mom!)” said Bala.

The game was called after only three and a half innings due to time (though observers suspect the heat and the fact that the orange team clearly preferred to hustle over to Tommy Doyle’s before the AC broke).

The Trilobites will look to complete their perfect season next week on Field A against the infamous Grass Kickers.

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