Hashtags restore order against Controlled Chaos

Veteran kickballer Rob had the best game of his career, driving in three runs to lead #FirstWorldProblems to a 9-1 victory over Controlled Chaos last week.

The win left the Hashtags in second place with 5.5 points and in strong position to earn a first-round bye in the upcoming playoffs.

"We are in strong position to earn a first-round bye in the upcoming playoffs," Captain Colin said.

Los Problemos got the run-scorin' off to an early start as Big drove in Amit from the clean-up spot and then scored on a RKI single from Seamus. Controlled Chaos chipped away with one run in the bottom of the first, but that would be all they scored for the night. Rob drove in Amanda with a sacrifice in the second, and Brad added two RKI the next inning.

The floodgates opened in the fourth as Seamus, Barrett, Amanda and Shelby all crossed the plate, with the latter two scoring on a single from Rob.

"I wasn't there, but I could smell Hashtag greatness from 14.4 miles away," said Drew, #FWP's absentee pitcher.

#FirstWorldProblems close out the regular season tonight with a rivalry game against Gettin' Cider. A win will guarantee the team at least a second-place finish, while a tie or loss will plunge them into a math-filled haze of tiebreaker confusion.