The Pink Team Starts 2013 Minuteman Season with a Win

At times it wasn't pretty. At times some wondered if, perhaps, we hadn't trained in the off-season. At times the same song repeated itself on the abbreviated shuffle playlist.

But in the end, a win is a win, and The Pink Team was happy to walk away from Wednesday's Minutemen season-opener with the points.

"I'm happy with the result," said Captain Big. "It was an adventure at times, but our team never lacks heart and drive, and they got the win they deserved on the night."

The Slappies started strong, putting their first five kickers on base, plating two of them. Yuval was pegged out at home plate in a close play on Asian's first career triple. The ball grazed his trailing hand a step away from the plate.

"If he'd run like the t-rex like I've been telling him, he'd've been safe," said Big.

Phil would then drive in The Pink Team's only two runs with a meandering home run which included a near miss at third base when he avoided a tag by spreading his legs.

Defensively, the Slappies had to brush off some rust, but among the flakes were some diamonds, including a ranging catch by Bri, charging in from left center to snag a dropping pop-fly and then completing the double play with a heads up throw to first base.

The defensive play of the game, however, went to Game MVP Nancy who did well to scoop up a driven grounder at shortstop and make the quick flip to Asian at second to get the lead runner and end a rally.

Despite the on-field uncertainty, it was business-as-usual at the bar, where The Pink Team's slap-a-bitch table was torn beyond recognition, much like Tox and Breast's toilet paper roll in the Bar Olympics, whose effort was described by some as "a travesty" and "the most pathetic display of toilet-paper unrolling I've witnessed in my professional career."

The Pink Team has a short turnaround, with their second match coming on Monday against the ascendant Salute Your Shorts. The Slappies will hope to see a spark on offense and a respectable Bar Olympics performance to redeem them after Wednesday's showing which was, if we're all honest, pretty shitty.

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  1. I would give Pegged and Confused more credit. They had some solid D and some good kicking. Also their one player had some solid arguments about the invisible ref at 3rd.