Slappies Raid Salute Your Shorts' Bunkhouse, Step on Glasses

It was a chilly Monday evening as The Pink Team took to the field for their second game of the young Minuteman season. A quick turnaround from the Wednesday season-opener, an infusion of Inner Tube Waterpolo-ers helped freshen the Slappies' lineup.

Despite tired legs The Pink Team got out to a quick start; scoring runs in the first two innings on an RBI double by Game MVP Pete and a timely single by Colin. Pete would later add another RBI in the fifth.

Perhaps it was the chill, or the fact that the Bruins were playing in a do-or-die Game 7 playoff game, but the Slappies' defense locked down, so the game fairly flew by. The Triangle was clinical on the day, and the middle infield made key plays, including a solid catch by Morgan at Shortstop.

"Super proud of her," said a super proud Captain Big. "Almost makes up for the fact that she committed the first NO PINK infraction of the season by wearing a blatantly pink sweatshirt. We were able to cover it up with my own jacket, but that means that, on her first catch of the season, she dirtied my jacket. Oy vey!"

Big's clothing judgment is not without flaw, however, as the lanky bastard was seen capering around the Slappies' bench in a ridiculously tight zip-up hoodie.

When they weren't being distracted by wardrobe malarkey  The Pink Team was content to play the part of bully Camp Mohawk.

Big threw at Shorts kicker Blum in the second, though the umpire didn't appear to notice. Tom "Donkylips" McCarthy railroaded the Shorts' shortstop at second. And Monkeybutt would add insult to injury by head-tagging a kicker as he writhed on the ground after tweaking his ankle coming out of the kickers' box.

Basically, we were big fat jerks, you guys.

It's all good, though, cuz the Bruins won and Tom bought the injured girl a beer, and that other kid's black eye had nothing to do with us!

Also, everyone loves a highlight reel. Special thanks to Chris for putting together a neato video with his fancy-pants phone!

The Pink Team Week 2 Highlights

Finally, the Slappies made a much-needed redemption effort at Bar Olympics, finishing a close second in the Tan Mom competition. A strategic decision to send the brown kid up to have the cheese puffs on him almost paid off, had it not been for Stewies' liberal use of beer-as-glue.

So we didn't win the Bar Olympics again, but we made it out of Sambas without injury for the first time this season, so we're calling it a victory.

Next week, the Slappies are back in action on Wednesday against Kicking it Old School.

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