Grilled Cheeses cream the competition

The Grilled Cheese Sandwiches rebounded from a lackluster performance in the first round of the playoffs to handily defeat Kickin' It Old School in last night's Elite Eight, 5-1, and advance to Monday's Final Four.

The second-ranked Sammies next face No. 3 Chicks Like It Tickled, their toughest foe to date, with the winner earning a spot in the championship game that same night.

"We were definitely playing like ourselves again last night," said Frey, who returned to the top of the order with a clutch first-inning single. "The momentum we had last night will carry us into next week's Final Four."

Spartacus agreed, adding, "Nothing's gonna stop us now!"

The GCS crew showed an unusual display of power against KIOS, belting two home runs in the three-run second inning. Kevin led off the inning with a blast to center, and following a perfectly executed bunt single by FBJ, Pete connected on a dinger of his own.

The scoring started an inning earlier, though, as Big drove in leadoff kicker Yuval with a line drive single to left, and Colin plated Phil with a sacrifice fly to shallow, shallow right.

"OK, it was to first base," Colin sheepishly admitted after the game. "But whatever. The run scored, didn't it?"

The Grilled Cheeses' legs fell silent after the second inning, but strong defense carried them through the rest of the game. Rob's great catch in left field, Kevin's sliding catch at third and a heads-up play by Big and Max to throw a runner out at third were highlights in the field.

Grilled Cheeses not sharp, but make muenster comeback

The Grilled Cheese Sandwiches narrowly avoided one of the greatest upsets in kickball history, staging a two-run rally in the bottom of the fifth inning to defeat Haay Chicken 6-5 in the first round of the playoffs.

Trailing 5-4 with two outs in the final frame, the Sammies' Kern kicked a seemingly innocuous ball back to the pitcher, who started a series of missed throws around the infield that led to Seamus scoring the tying run and then Lindsey scoring the winning run. The heroics won Kern game MVP honors, and she set a record for "game-winning triple that traveled the shortest distance."

The second-ranked Sammies improved to 6-1-1 on the year and will play in the Elite Eight on Wednesday night. If they want to advance, they will have to improve on their play against Haay Chicken, who had not won a game and scored only four runs all season.

"Our cheese got browned, but we didn't let it burn," said Nick, who had a second-inning single taken away on a controversial foul call. "We cut the crust off our Grilled Cheese tonight."

The GCS found themselves in a hole early...

"They were also losing," said Captain Colin. "Hey-o!"

... as a series of defensive blunders led to three Haay Chicken runs in the top of the first. The favorites struck back in the bottom of the inning on a two-run home run by Big. RKIs by Yuval in the second inning and Marisa in the third gave them a 4-3 lead, but that quickly disappeared as Haay Chicken scored twice in the top of the fourth to go ahead 5-4.

A great catch by Tomato in the outfield stopped any more runs from scoring, setting the stage for the Sammies' comeback. The other run scorers were Pete, Max and Phil.

Grilled Cheeses finish season on a gouda note

The Grilled Cheese Sandwiches did not let a depleted roster or a frigid night stop them from downing the One Kick Wonders, 7-1, in last night's regular season finale.

The Sammies now eagerly await the results of tomorrow night's games to determine their final spot in the standings and their first-round playoff matchup.

"We now eagerly await the results of tomorrow night's games to determine our final spot in the standings and our first-round playoff matchup," said Captain Colin, who went 2-for-2 with two runs scored against the Wonders.

The Grilled Cheeses celebrated a late Halloween at the game, with costume highlights provided by Big (Trojan Man), Steve (Viet Cong), Phil (a rat), Ray (Mickey Mouse), Lisa (Mario) and Kevin (rookie Teemu Selanne).

Phil got the scoring started in the first inning with a booming home run to right field. He added a fifth-inning double -- scoring for a second time on an RBI single by Kern -- and pitched one shutout inning to earn game MVP honors.

"Phil's rat costume was the shiznit," said J.P., who dressed up as a ninja.

The GCS blew the game wide open in the second inning, when three consecutive hits from Colin, Rob and Kevin loaded the bases. Frey followed with an RBI groundout, and Yuval then delivered with a two-run single.

Pope Seamus drove in Erin to increase the lead in the fourth, although his mere presence at the game was enough to will the Sammies on to victory, FBJ said.

"How could we have lost with the pope on our side?" she asked.

Kevin added the final RBI in the fifth inning, and Joba Kernberlain took the mound in the fourth to record the hold.