Spaceballs: The Flow Chart

Four years ago, a ragtag group of co-workers had a friend whose boyfriend's co-workers were starting a kickball team. They all joined together and formed the Middlesex Panthers, a team which paid no mind to its inexperience on the kickball diamond, focused on its deep expertise at the bar and rode this combination to a rousingly successful second-place finish.

Every kickball season since then, members of that original team have trudged along, losing many players but gaining even more new ones along the way -- other co-workers, high school friends, college roommates, significant others and kickball castaways looking for new homes.

With this constant change, it can be difficult for even the most veteran kickballer to keep track of how everyone originally knew everyone else. And for the many newbies on Gone to Plaid, following these relationships would be downright impossible. Well, not anymore. I am proud to present "Spaceballs: The Flow Chart."

"Spaceballs: The Flow Chart," although more confusing than a Tokyo subway map, is the easiest way to show how everyone originally knew everyone else. (It does not track current connections, like the fact that Angela and Leigh are roommates now, or that Brennan and Tristan have a little fling that they think we don't know about.) Special thanks to Catie for helping me put this together and to Eric for fixing my mistakes and making it look all nice like.

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