Week 2 stats update

After every week's games, we'll get an update on our team's individual statistics. Of course, the only stat that matters is 2-0.

Grilled Cheeses avoid meltdown, hold on for win

The Grilled Cheese Sandwiches came out kickin' last night, scoring nine runs in the first two innings and holding on for a 9-6 win over Kickin' It Old School.

The Sammies' first five kickers all reached base, including Sierra Navarra, who started the scoring onslaught with a two-run triple out of the cleanup spot. Kern followed with an RKI double and later scored on a single by Yuval, sliding into home and cutting up her leg. She is listed as probable for next week's game.

"She was pussing," Kern's roommate Squints reported this morning, in a probable HIPAA violation. The league is investigating.

Big added a first-inning RKI as well, then he and Yuval shared a really awkward post-game moment involving a french fry.

"Sweet mother of mercy this just ruined my morning," said co-captain Ray after viewing photographic evidence of said event.

The Grilled Cheeses added four runs in the next inning, including a two-run blast by Rob, who cemented his status as game MVP by stopping a fourth-inning KIOS blast that was bound to be a home run, thus preserving the lead.

"There were a lot of things that contributed to our win, but I think the key factor was that we scored more runs than the other team," said Tristan, who made his own contribution by purchasing an authentic Oktoberfest stein to be used as the team MVP trophy this season.

Asian, Seamus, Erin, Lindsey, J.P., Marshall, Marisa and Phil also played a part on offense for the Sammies, who improved to 2-0 on the year. Their next game is Monday against the Bootleggers, whose team motto is, "Some teams have kickball references in their names. Others have alcohol references. We have both."

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches don't loaf around

The World Adult Kickball Association Massachusetts Minuteman Fall 2009 division got off to a glorious, uproarious and victorious start for the Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, who used a four-run, first-inning rally to catapult themselves to a 6-2 victory over Balls Deep last night.

Looking resplendent in their yellow shirts and matching socks, the Sammies showed that they will be a force to be reckoned with in all three aspects of the game: offense, defense and flip cup.

"We will be a force to be reckoned with in all three aspects of the game: offense, defense and flip cup," said Colin, who returns to the captaincy this year for the first time since guiding the Middlesex Panthers to a second-place finish in 2007.

Frey made a triumphant return to the leadoff spot, sparking the offense with a 2-for-2 performance. After a walk by Amanda and single by Sierra Navarra loaded the bases, Big delivered with a two-run double. Those two runs would be all the GCS crew needed, but they piled on two more that inning with RKIs from FBJ and Colin.

"I'm feeling good about the season!" FBJ said. "And I think we have a good team and spirit! But I have nothing clever to add."

The next inning, Lindsey drove in Seamus. (Tee hee.) And rookie J.P. made a mad scramble around the bases following Frey's fourth-inning double to score the sixth and final run, earning him game MVP honors.

"It was a great game, like Velveeta great!" J.P. said.

Gold-glover Kevin anchored a strong Grilled Cheese defense, which also featured a great catch in left field by newcomer Meghan. And starting centerfielder Kern took the mound in the fifth inning to shut down Balls Deep and earn the save.

GCS takes the field next Monday against Kicking It Old School.