Gone to Plaid Take off at Ludicrous Speed

With a squad bigger than Spaceball One, Gone to Plaid stepped onto the hallowed fields of Cambridge Common ready to get their kick on. And with a decisive 10-0 victory over dreaded Gettin’ Cider, they sent a message to the rest of the league: “Dreams of victory? We’re here to take the air out of those sails.”

“The Schwartz was definitely with us,” said Co-Captain and Game MVP Colin. “We beamed Gettin’ Cider 10 times last night. It was wonderful.”

In a night of too many stars, Colin was the offensive leader, getting on base twice, scoring his first run of the season and kicking in two RBIs in the fourth inning.

Seamus played his first game in the lead off spot and reached twice. “It’s amazing to see those giant calves wrapped in those twisty socks churn down that line.” said Captain Big.

The defensive play of the night went to Wayne in the hot corner, with the season’s first fabled seam from third to first, hitting Colin right in the Lobster claws. “My arm went all tingly after that throw,” said Thumper. “All of me went tingly,” replied Captain Big.

The other defensive standout of the day was behind the dish. After a season-ending dislocated shoulder last season, there was talk in the off-season of a trade or early retirement. However, The Brow shucked the doubters and took his place behind the plate and had one of his best games in recent memory. “I think I have boner for this season,” Brennan said after the win.

Veteran Angela was perfect at the plate and on the bases, beating out a perfect bunt and scoring a run from second. “When I saw my bunt go right down the first base line, I thought I was done,” said Angela. “But months of training have proven successful and I was able to outrun the throw. I'm hoping that this first game sets the tone for the rest of the season.”

Co-Captain Asian earned the season’s first band-aid, sliding not once, but twice on the bases, picking up a couple of scuffs and cuts for her troubles. “I bled for the team!,” she aid. “I bled before you did,” she accused.

Even rookie Matty is confident, (though his kicking style leaves something to be desired, according to a petulant Captain Big). “Gone to Plaid is where it's at; the team to watch out for this season.”

Fans of the club went home happy on Thursday night, happy to see their team start the season off with a bang. Everyone is now nurturing high hopes for the year as Gone to Plaid has already positioned themselves in the league as the team to beat.

~Photos courtesy of Matty Stevenson


  1. My kicking style leaves NOTHING to be desired.

  2. I'll admit that it's hard to argue with a .500 average... But I'm still gonna bitch about it, Matty.

  3. Pete grabs an RBI with no at bats? Impressive!

  4. He kicked a sacrifice fly. He gets the credit for the RBI without the damage to his average from creating an out.

  5. Team to beat? I hope you don't mean in puns? Look out for light black!!

  6. Today I learned that I shouldn't be snarky when I still don't understand a thing about sports.

  7. I'm pretty sure I was 2 for 2, but who's counting right. There's no I in team methinks.

  8. Josh, you had a good night. But it's tough to go 2 for 2 when you only had one AB. We had some wonky bookkeeping Thursday night, but not *that* wonky. :)