Trilobites Kick a Couple More Than One Kick Wonders

Asian carried the team... well, Doug, at least...
It was a perfect day for kickball as the Rampaging Trilobites took the field against One Kick Wonders. The sun setting behind the Sheraton Commander, Harvard Square bedazzled with newly minted Harvard Graduates in their dresses and Co-Captain Asian running at full volume, fueled by Patron, Sam Summer and The All-Spark.

After quickly getting through the top of the first in the field, the Trilobites offense dug in, plating three quick runs on RBIs by Nick and Aaron.

The scoring, then, went tit-for-tat for a short while. The Wonders would get one back in the second on a blooping single which eluded an impressive diving effort by Asian in short right field. Big countered in the bottom of the frame with a home run to left field. A communication error in the top of the third allowed a short pop-up to drop between Big and Reggie, scoring a second Wonder.

MVP Chris with Lucky
The Trilobite offense kicked in with a vengeance in the bottom of the fourth, however, with Game MVP Chris breaking it open with a two run double, scoring Amit and Colin.

“I'd like to thank DrunkAsian for her slurred words of motivation pre-kick,” said Chris. “Without her inspiration my cat Loki wouldn't be trying to hump Lucky-the-Trilobite at this very moment!”

Nancy and Shelby would then drive in two more runs with well-placed infield singles. Aaron plated the Trilobites’ final insurance run in the bottom of the fourth, for the third RBI of his first game as a Robbie.

“I thank Patron and Long Trail for my offensive potency,” Aaron hooted. “Oh, and Asian's boobies and my fiancĂ©e’s sweet Trilobutt! The support of the Trilobites and Trilobettys, especially our captains, will always push me to drink more, flip more cups and kick more runs in (not necessarily in that order)!”

Another Wonder run would score in the top of the fifth inning when Big misjudged the basepath to homeplate on the modified infield (it’s worth noting that he helped set the field up on the day and made the decision to move the field up the third baseline in order to avoid a patch of standing water on Cambridge Common’s softball field).

Big was visibly annoyed with himself for allowing the first runs of the young season and pitched with a chip on his shoulder the whole game, causing his visiting brother to observe: “He did seem to pitch faster than everybody else.”

Colin n' Jamie - This Fall on TBS (Very Funny)
The Trilobites remain undefeated on the season, but their performance seemed to light a fire in observers from other teams. The plate umpire – who plays for Das Boot – was heard to say: “I can’t wait to play [these guys]. It’ll be competitive. They better bring their A-game.” Fans of the Robbies can look forward to that contentious match on June 14, week 6 of the Patriot 2012 schedule.

Despite the somewhat messy game, the Rampaging Trilobites had another good showing at the bar, though Big was heard accusing Reggie of “drinking too slowly” and “flipping with only one hand”, to which Reggie responded: “STOP DESTROYING MY CONFIDENCE!”

The Trilobites will return to action next week against Callihan Auto Parts.

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