Rampaging Trilobites Run Riot Over Blue Steel in 2012 Season Opener

It was a seemingly endless off-season, but kickball has returned to Cambridge Common, bringing with it a scourge of Rampaging Trilobites.

Named for the testiest of arthropods, the Trilobites came out swinging in their season opener against long time nemesis Blue Steel. These two teams have a history going back entire years, so the league organizers saw fit to pit the squads against each other to get their fledgling season off to an explosive start.

With a strong wind blowing in from right field, both teams struggled to put anything deep. However, the Trilobites offense proved itself potent in the bottom of the first inning, plating four runs off of a double by Big and two thumping sacrifices by Charles and JP.

Lucky the Trilobite keeping cool at the Commander before the Trilobite's Season Opener. 
Both teams buckled down through the next two innings as the pitchers on either side fought the wind and the surface to throw strikes.

The defensive highlight of the day came in the top of the third inning when aristocrat, playboy and kickball journeyman JP charged a quickly dropping blooper in shallow left field. The ball moved on him at the last second and bounced up off his upper arms. Trilobite fans, hearts in their throats, watched the ball ricochet over JP’s head. Game MVP Shelby, backing JP up in Left Center like a seasoned pro, calmly plucked the errant ball out of the air, completing the season’s first “Doubles Play” (not to be confused with the more familiar “Double Play”).

“I was worried because we were both going after it but we weren’t communicating,” said Shelby. “Luckily, when the ball bounced out of his arms, I was right there to snatch it out of the air. I’ve always had a talent for grabbing balls.”

The Trilobite offense, again, came alive in the bottom of the fourth with a double by Shelby, who would then score on a two-bagger by Tom. Another three runs plated on a single by Phil and a massive two run sacrifice by Charles.

The officials were forced to call the game after only four innings due to time and light concerns, so some on the Blue Steel side felt hard-done-by in being denied a chance to get their last at-bats. However, Trilobite fans should anticipate seeing the Blues in this year’s playoffs.

“All in all, I’m happy with our start to this season,” said Captain Big. “Eight runs is good for the offense, makes them feel good and productive. Turning in a shut-out performance should amp up our defense even more. We saw a lot of good things out there. We’re looking forward to seeing more in the coming weeks.”

Next Thursday, the Trilobites face off against upstart Creative Mojo.

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