Trilobites Tell Mojo: “No Go”

Riding high on their season opener victory, the Trilobites carried their momentum into Week 2, sporting their newly bedazzled uniforms.

Lucky enjoys Drink Club Fridays
“Green and Purple are a good match,” said Captain Big. “I think they provide a refreshing combination for the familiar WAKA color pallet. People will either ‘get it’, or will be so disgusted that, perhaps, they’ll bobble a catch or swing and miss. We’re like zebras out there, confusing our would-be foes.”

With a light squad, the women of the Rampaging Trilobite herd were asked to come up big and, true to form, the “TriloBettys” rose to the occasion.

Game MVP Barrett was a steel trap in Right Center all day, making solid, run-saving catch after catch.

“It felt great to get the MVP award,” she said. “Apparently I left my butter fingers at home and managed to make a few outs in the process! And although Shelby forgot the Trophy Trilobite, we managed to catch up at the bar the next day!”

Offensively, Tom, Big and JP were the breadwinners.

Big kicked his first homerun of the season in the second inning, scoring Asian and Phil on a liner through the left side of the infield.

Tom, a veteran of South Boston kickball, but who has been looking for an opportunity to make up for a calamitous Dinosaurs episode selection (A coming-of-age story in which Robbie goes through Dino-puberty but almost destroys the world in the process!) at the weekend viewing party, blasted a ball into the outfield.

Charles sporting his TriloBITE ME cap
“Although my original plan to kick the ball into outer space came up a few hundred miles short,” Tom said. “I did manage to drop a double just to the right of the foul line. Kudos to a great team for another amazing win. My apologies for subjecting you to ‘The Howling!’”

JP, finding himself in the spotlight for the second week in a row, this time driving Tom home on a well-placed infield single.

While the Trilobites managed to put together a flawless defensive performance and shut out the Creative Mojo lineup, the defensive all-star of the evening had to be Mojo’s pitcher, Mitch, who made multiple acrobatic catches that one might have seen on SportsCenter.

“I like his pep,” said Captain Big. “Also, we obviously share a hairstylist. I’ve already talked to our General Manager about looking out for him when Free Agency rolls around.”

It was a successful evening of kickball all around, capped by a dominant Trilobite performance at the flip-cup table, with an impressive one-flip streak by Asian. Barrett and Tom also put in a strong effort in the toilet-paper-unroll challenge, though, in the end, their toilet-paper-unrolling skills simply couldn’t match those of the competition. They’ve already identified some areas for improvement and will be working in the off-week on their times.

Next week, the Trilobites face off against the One Kick Wonders.

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