Captain's note: Week 3

Greetings Kickballers!

I hope your weekend was great and that your Monday has, thus far, been toothless. I hope that, though the World Cup leaves kickball as the second most-awesome thing happening this week, you're as eager to get out on the field as I am. The good news is that (at the risk of jinxing it), looking at my 7 day forecast, Thursday - for the first time in two weeks - is NOT scheduled to be a downpour! Woo hoo! (knockonwood)

The deets:
Time: 7:15
Field: Field 1 (dirt)
Who: VIP Let's Kick It (yellow)
What else: We have equipment duty

Please let me know if you CAN or CANNOT make it out on Thursday! This helps me put together the positions and kicking lineup!

From what I've heard, VIP is another expansion team. Blue Steel described them as "Not being 'new' but playing 'new'." Despite this review, we must be sure to treat them as their color suggests: With caution.

That said, I expect everyone to come out swinging on Thursday.

Why? That's easy: They're yellow-meanies. It was VIP that invited the rain two weeks ago. It was VIP that decided it would be a good idea for KFC to buck the healthy foods trend and introduce one of the most disgustingly excessive (though probably delicious) "sandwiches" in years. VIP scared my cat under the bed. I'm watching Cameroon play Japan right now. Cameroon is wearing yellow as well and, you know what? They're getting kinda chippy. More importantly, in my Pick 'Em league, I predicted a tie in this game, but Cameroon let in a soft goal, which could cost me the lead in my league. Frikkin' yellow!

In other news: In the unlikely chance you've missed Phil's posting of the Ray Tong Miracle Catch highlight, it can be found here. Such a great catch!

Next: I keep forgetting to put this in an email...

Regarding your shirts. If and when you wash them, be sure to turn them inside out and use cold water. If you use a dryer, use the "Delicate" mode.

If you see the logo lifting or wrinkling, you can re-press it. Lay a piece of parchment over the logo and, without any steam/water in the iron, place the iron on top of the logo/parchment for 20 seconds (don't rub it back and forth, just put it straight down on top).

On that rather domestic note, let's get pumped for Thursday! It's almost here!

Captain Big
The Team Your Team Could Smell Like

"I dunno, I just blanked out and, the next thing I knew, I was on the ground with the ball. I was like, 'What the [expletive deleted]?!'" - Ray Tong

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