SPICES: Week 5

Greetings Kickballers!

It's Monday and, for perhaps the first time since week one this season, my phone's weather forecaster shows something other than a monsoon for Thursday. As I say that, I'm furiously knocking wood so as not to jinx it, but we'll see!

The deets:
Time: 6:30
Field: Field 2 (grass)
Who: Bootleggers (gray)

Please let me know if you CAN or CANNOT make it out on Thursday! This helps me put together the positions and kicking lineup!

The Bootleggers are a veteran squad, so we need to be on our A game this week. Their captain, normally a really nice guy, was involved in a bit of an incident on the basepaths last week, though, so they may be a bit shaken up going into this week. Let's take advantage and get our kick on!

So, why should you want to beat the Bootleggers? Well, they're gray, first of all. And what have we seen in the skies for half the season so far? Gray! So let's take our frustrations with Mother Nature out on these guys! We all hate New England weather, so I think we can tap into some deep and longstanding ill will!

Why else should we want to beat them? I'll tell you why! THEY drank ALL the PBR last week! Yup! THEY'RE the reason we were all forced to fall back on Schlitz which, aside from being far inferior to the Blue Ribbon, led to some really odd behavior on the part of some of your teammates...

So, for all that is right and good in the world, for all the sunny weather that's been bullied aside by gray-meanie clouds, and for all those forced to drink sub-par beer because of pillaged stocks, let's take these bums down!

In other, sock-related news, the Tampa Bay Rays recently introduced a new sock to their uniform in hopes of jump-starting their beleaguered offense. It looks like the sock trend continues to spread. Now, it hasn't worked for the slumping Rays which you'd think isn't a great sock motivator. But you'd be wrong. You see, we want the Rays to struggle, so the sock magic is still working in our favor! Wear your reds with pride on Thursday!

Captain Big
The Team Your Team Could Smell Like

"They're cheating! Their bags have magnets! Those bags are using magnets!" - Steve Li

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