Rain can't keep Spices from getting their kick on... unofficially

The skies were forbidding as the Spices arrived in Cambridge on Thursday night. A sprinkle started as they trickled into Tommy Doyle’s for pre-game refreshments. Reports of thunder, lightening and a light monsoon confirmed their fears and the night’s games were unceremoniously postponed.

Team mascot Atticus Ayari was denied his triumphant debut and went home wet, along with his people.

The remaining members of The Team Your Team Could Smell Like refused to allow their spirits to be dampened. Indeed, Bayewitch (Coriander) and Paul (Jamaican Jerk) made their first appearances in Cambridge and were enthusiastically welcomed.

Captain Big (Oregano) was also thrilled to learn of two eager replacements for the tragically fallen players who were never even able to make it to the field. Newbies Amy (Peppermint) and Hannah (Crushed Red Pepper) have chosen their spices and, by all accounts, will be a great addition to the squad.

It was decided that Tristan (Scary Spice) would be made honorary MVP for his exploits off the field, being newly-engaged. "The most important thing in kickball is dependability," said Tristan. "That's why I showed up late, played for half of the first inning, kicked the ball directly to the opposing team, and left for a bar with my other friends."

As their pitchers grew light and reports of clear skies came in, the Spices resolved that some wet grass wasn’t going to keep them from getting their kick on. Their rally cry fell largely on deaf ears with the rest of the squads, but Stephanie, Travis, Diane and Mark from Where My Pitches At and Barret from Ballstars 4.0 joined the Spices on the slightly soggy Cambridge Common. Honorary Spices Seth and Rob (Curry) also came out.

The group split into two and the light-hearted scrimmage got under way.

JP (After Hours) kicked a convincing 5 base homerun (he was tagged out on his second lap between first and second). Big would’ve had a pair of home runs had the opposing team not resorted to gorilla tactics by tackling and then sitting on him until the ball was retrieved and bounced off his dome. Kevin (Swagger) also had a chance at a round-tripper, had his head not gotten in the way of the relay throw as he slid into home.

The wet conditions led to some adventures in the outfield, but Phil, Paul, Kevin, Amy and Asian all made memorable catches and plays in the waning light.

“It was nice to see so many Spices on the field tonight despite the rain,” said Asian (Paprika). “This Rack knows how to party!”

The Team Your Team Could Smell Like looks forward to returning to the regularly-scheduled season next week when they will resume their campaign for the Founders’ Cup and kickball glory!

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