SPICES: Week 4

Greetings Kickballers!

Summer is here! Days of sun, fair weather, gin and tonics in hammocks and... KICKBALL!

The deets:
Time: 6:30
Field: Field 2 (grass)
Who: Blue Steel (blue)

Please let me know if you CAN or CANNOT make it out on Thursday! This helps me put together the positions and kicking lineup!

Blue Steel is the squad we're playing twice this season and, for the newcomers, we have a history with this team. We've defeated them in the Championship Match twice. They are one of the stronger sides so we should go into Thursday expecting stiffer resistance than what we've seen thus far.

HOWEVER, they have their weaknesses and we can certainly exploit them. If you need a fire lit in your belly against this squad, then know this: They wear the same color as Thierry Henry (of French handball fame). They also make a habit of parking really close to or over the line in street parking which makes it really hard to park in the spot next to theirs. ALSO, they DON'T turn their headlights on when it's RAINING!

So let's get out there and SHOW THEM WHAT FOR!

Captain Big
The Team Your Team Could Smell Like

"I know the rules of soccer. I know the rules of soccer so well that, when two Slovenian players mug an American player, the American player gets a foul." - Andy Roddick

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