Hippos Back in Form at the Expense of Those in Need

The Hippos returned to their winning ways on Thursday, putting together a solid victory over the upstart Charity Case, 5-2.

After Captain Big “intentionally” chose to be Away, the Hippos quickly pulled four runners across the plate, taking the pressure off the team’s pitching staff and defense before they ever took the field.

Overall, the Hippos’ offense combined for a whopping 20 hits on the day, a good sign for the rest of the season and through the post-season.

Defensively, the team was solid.

The first kick for Charity Case, however, did leave the team with the Benny Hill theme song whirling through their heads as the kicker managed to reach first and then, against all better sense, squirreled for second. When miscommunication at the middle corner led to another bobble, she headed for third and reached. However, she overran the base into foul territory and was promptly (and finally) tagged out.

After that, however, the field settled down. Kevin continued to excel at third with a number of seams that, at times, tested first baseman BK’s lobster claws. The outfield firmly prevented anything from getting behind them and were quick to get the ball back in to prevent undeserved runs and bases.

The Hippos were glad to be the mongoose(?) to the Cases’ bear. The strong win brought the team back to .500 on the season.

"Well you know,” slurred game MVP Brennan. “I don't want to say their name encouraged it, but our strat this week was to play big casino. We took 'away'. We took and held onto the lead like champs. I think when it comes down to the Hippos and any other team it just matters who’s the most hungry...hungry."


  1. I got an RBI!!! Wow!!! I had no idea =)

  2. Look at those RBI's, i'm like the Wade Boggs of WAKA =(