Week 8: Captain's Note

Good Morning Hippos,

I hope you had a nice sleep. I hope yer all rested up. Hope yer refreshed.

Because this week, we're administering a refresher on our opponent: Blue Steel.

That's right, they didn't get enough of a whuppin' in Week 4. They're back for more. And you know what? I think we have enough leftovers in the fridge to give 'em a second helping, AM I RIGHT?!

Hopefully, this go-round, the officiating will be a bit more... well... a bit less "Cider-ish".

Oh wait, Scoregasm is reffing... That's it's own flavor of crazy. Hopefully, this week, we won't have to put up with the Zac Drach Social Hour as he welcomes guests from all over Boston for a quick chat and movie plug.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is our second-to-last regular season game of the season. I believe our current record is 3-3. So let's finish up on a strong note, finish the season over .500!

Game time is: 7:15
We're playing: on Field 2 (Grass)
Refreshments: ???

We have no other obligations this week, either, so no need for refs or peeps to grab equipment.

Lemme know if you're Inn or vacant!

Captain Big
King Hippos

"In a car with bluetooth capabilities, the car is the headpiece!"

P.S. Sorry for the tardy recap for last week's soaring victory. I hope to have that up this afternoon. Thank you for your patience!

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