Week 7: Captain's Note

Hip hip

Chin chin


Welcome to Week 7 of King Hippos Kickball!

Apologies for the tardy captain's note.

Game time fast approaches, and I know a lot of you have a fire in your bellies from last weeks teeth-grating loss.

The rest of you all have a fire in your bellies from... an alien life form that has taken root in your tummy, waiting to burst out at an inopportune time, like during a presentation at work and while talking up a girl/boy at the bar.

ANYway, here're the deets:

WHO: Charity Case (Dark red, consisting of a number of players from T's League dodgeball this past winter)
WHERE: Field 1 (the dirt!)
WHEN: 7:15 p.m.
WHY: Because we like you

According to the schedge, we have no other duties this week other than to kick ass on the field and at the bar. We're being reffed by "Where My Pitches At" (dark blue).

Lemme know who's in and who's not going to have much fun tomorrow night because there's simply not enough kickball in their life.

Charity Case is what their name implies: A group that deserves pity but is mostly ignored. Most people only talk to them because they know it'll look good on their taxes.

But let's not rule them out. Let's go in there as we always do: Heads held high, drinks also held high, perhaps being siphoned out of our cups by our tubular spectacles.

Ray, bring you that kickin' banner!

And did we have a volunteer for this week's refreshments?

Captain Big
King Hippos

Squints: come on Big
Big: where're we going? can I drive?
Squints : no you cant drive and we are going to hell im clearly in charge here
Big: OOOO! Are we taking the highway?

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