Hippos Find Pitches – Move on to Semis

Thursday saw the Hippos squad move on to the MA Patriot Summer Semis for the second consecutive year as they rumbled over the upstart Where My Pitches At, 6-1.

A late start due to equipment issues meant both sides were a little stiff as the first inning kicked off. The Hippos defense held strong all night, however, preventing the Pitches from getting anything going.

In the bottom of the first, newcomer to the top of the lineup, FBJ, kicked in her second RBI of the season as Asian was able to come around.

The third inning saw the Hippos add two more runs as both Tristan and Ray plated Tangerine and Tomato for their own RBIs.

The Pitches were able to pull one back in the top of the fourth, but the Hippos then broke it open in the bottom of the inning. The Giant part of the lineup: Big, BK and Reilly, managed to knock in three runs, including Asian, who scored twice on the night.

Her base running combined with an important catch on a towering fly ball in the Cambridge dark earned Asian the Game MVP belt which she wore with pride.

“It was a big game,” said Captain Big afterwards. “But the Hippos are big. They’ve got big hearts, big teeth and big haunches... I mean consciences. They live in big rivers and take big bites out of anyone who comes too close.”

After the victory, the Hippos are looking forward to their semi-final matchup against Gettin’ Cider.

"Right now, my focus is entirely on beating Gettin' Cider,” said team Security Specialist Tristan. “And going to the bar. Possibly not in that order."

Some are looking harder than others.

"We came. We saw. Then we didn't see too good,” spouted Brow. “We caught some balls in the face. Then I think we won. They just told me to get off the field."

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