Hippos Meringue Key Lime Killahs

Thursday was stoppage time kickball for the MA Patriot Summer 2009 kickball division as teams made up their rainout games from Week 5.

The Hippos came into the match riding high on a two game winning streak, looking to make it three. After a close game in the long grass of Cambridge Common, the plucky Hippos came out on top, 5-1.

The first four innings saw limited offensive production on both sides as both teams showed excellence on the defensive front.

Cracks began to show in the foundation, however, when the Hippos struck in the fourth as Zach managed to come home on a bunt triple by Asian which had one bench scratching their heads and the other nearly rabid with excitement.

When asked about the adventurous baserunning, Zach panted: “I dunno, I just kept running. I probably could have left third a few seconds early but, really, it’s way more fun to lunge for home you really shouldn’t.”

Karma struck back at the Hippos in the bottom of the inning, however, when Asian made a play on a high fly ball in the outfield, slipped in the swamp and managed to bicycle kick the ball further into left field, allowing the Killahs to plate their own ill-earned run.

“I don’t know where my feet went!” exclaimed Asian.

Despite the setback, the Hippos remained resolute and their drive immediately paid dividends in the top of the fifth inning.

New to the top of the order, FBJ made her way on base with a smart bunt, followed by Big who reached with a munt of his own. After Brow popped out, game MVP BK broke it open with a two run double. He and Kevin would later score on a two run triple booted by Aimee, which might been a two out double, had she not run her housemate Squints into a tag out between third and home.

Four runs, as it happened, was enough to fend off the Killahs in the bottom of the fifth, as Colin doused the Killahs comeback hopes with an impressive single handed double-play. The victory gave the Hippos their third win in a row and an extra boost to their morale as they go into playoffs the confident third seed.

“There was a great spirit out there,” said Squints. “We had an awesome crowd rooting for us and, in the end, that’s why we play kickball: for the fans.”

“I dunno about fans,” said Pete. “I play for the healthy competition. And nothing healthy isn’t better without a nice serving of dessert. This week on the menu: Key Lime Pie."

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