Captain's Note: PLAYOFFS

Greetings Hippos!

Congratulations! You've made it! You chosen few! You band of brothers (and sisters)!

The King Hippos shall rumble into playoffs this season seeded third.

This Thursday will see the first round of playoffs as teams strive for kickball glory. It's a familiar thing, glory. We were the lucky number who held that glory last season and I think we're hungry hungry enough to grasp it again.

On Thursday we play Where My Pitches At!

We defeated this plucky squad in week three
, but your captain insists you take nothing for granted. We'll take the field this week knowing there are no guarantees in kickball. There's a reason the sport isn't played on paper.

Game time is at 7:15 on field two. Let's bring our game!

Lemme know if you're in or if you're the kind of person who misses the first game of kickball playoffs (even if you've already told, me plzkthx).

We also have reffing duties for game one on field one between Scoregasm and Charity Case. I'll take whatever help I can get!

In other news: The recap for last Thursday's contest is up at the Munt And Flip.

In other other news: the End of Season Party Blowout has been planned for August 22nd, 2009 at Jose Mac's from 7PM - 10PM. We've joined forces (and budgets) with MA-Ivy division allowing us to provide not only FREE BEER, but also a host of finger food goodies for party-go-er's to nibble on. As usual, the Guest fee will be $10 a guest, and we will be holding a 50/50 raffle drawing as well, with all proceeds going towards the divisions charities!

All right boys and germs, let's take it to the Pitches this week so we can play some MORE kickball NEXT week!!!

Captain Big
King Hippos

"M1A1... thousand miles an hour..."

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