Problems Take Presidents To the Polls: Vote For the Other Guy

The rivalry between the #FirstWorldProblems and Ex-Presidents goes back years (in kickball time, so a year), so this season’s meeting promised to be an exciting matchup.

When the dust settled, leaving the Hashtags 8-5 victors, both participants and observers knew they’d seen something special.

“It was an amazing game,” said Co-Captain Big. “Two like teams with similar rosters and drives to win, you knew it was going to be close. I’m just glad we were able to pull out a W.”

Other players were invigorated by the Lily Whites’ success.

“When the going gets tough, the #Problems get going,” crowed RF Tristan. “Unless the going gets really tough, like when the barista messes up your order. That just ruins your day.”

“In order to take down these Presidents, we knew we had to bring all our Problems to the field,” said Asian.

Through the first three innings, the teams were locked together, with defensive and offensive contributions coming from all corners. In the fourth inning, however, the #Problems were able to take the lead for good with a two run-sacrifice by game MVP Angela.

“I like kickball!” shouted Angela. “I also enjoy dancing, drinks and long walks on the beach at sunset! I also like Matthew McConaughey! I thought he was excellent in The Lincoln Lawyer!”

With the win, the #Problems are rolling going into week 6 when they will face off against perennial rivals Gettin’ Cider.

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