#FirstWorldProblems Find Pitches, Place in Lost and Found

Still riding the momentum of their big opening night win, the #Problems came out swinging Wednesday night against the seasoned Pitches.

Fielding an unusually light roster of only 17, the #Problems’ bench felt positively sparse at times. The lily whites would not be discouraged, however, making up for numbers with volume. And with the help of honorary #Problem (and actual Ex-President) Phil and the callback Team Your Team Could Smell Like playlist on his Loud box, the away team was able to plate four quick runs in the first to give the Pitches an uphill battle for the rest of the game.

The Benny Hill moment of the night came in the top of the fourth when, with bases loaded, the #Problems were able to capitalize on a couple of rare Pitches throwing errors and some base path errors of their own to plate two runs thanks to some overeager running by Jamie and an opportunistic (and squirrely) Asian.

“We call it the ‘Crouching Asian, Hidden Jamie!’” said Jamie. “Yeah, we're special. We got what it takes!”

Game MVP Seamus, who initiated the play and drove in three of the #Problems’ runs on the night, was elated. “It makes me feel, um, good...”

Rookie Lara (“Doctor P”) saw her first WAKA action on the night, having finally been lured into kickball by husband Tristan. Sambas may have outshone her on-field experience on the night, however. “Whenever I go to Sambas, I know I can expect marital advice from the bartender and unbelievably delicious cake (or at least one of the two?).”

The #FirstWorldProblems are off to a fast start this season. Kickball, cake and pitchers are a good Wednesday night by anybody’s standards.


  1. Delicious cake indeed. I'm sure it was better when eaten as opposed to smooshed on peoples faces.

  2. Ha, I only feel bad because, before heading out to the fields, I specifically told the bartender (I forget her name) that I wouldn't make a mess of her bar... Then Jamie comes along and incites a riot... Then it was just a matter of escalation.