Free agents shine in #FirstWorldProblems debut

#FirstWorldProblems got off to a strong start with a 12-1 victory Wednesday night. Newcomers Brad (game MVP) and Jamie made instant impacts, going a combined 4-for-4 with 3 RKI and 3 runs scored.

"We're coming out strong this season," said Big, who reached base twice, with 1 RKI and 2 runs scored. "We clearly won the off-season race, picking up a handful of future kickball superstars. Those moves are already paying dividends. The top teams in the league are soon going to realize they've got #Problems to deal with."

#FWP put up seven runs in the first inning and relied on strong defense and Big's pitching to keep the opposition at bay. When asked for comment, star infielder Nancy replied, "Really? Did I do something special?"

When informed that she went 1-for-2 with 2 RKI, Nancy added, "Oh. Right."

The win was a strong team effort, with other run producers and scorers including Amanda, Pete, Frey, Colin, Big, Seamus and Shelby.

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