Gone to Plaid to Fresh Kicks: ‘That’s what I call a close encounter!’

A rare clear sky greeted the Spaceballs as they took to the field on Thursday against the vaunted Fresh Kicks of Ball(Air). After a two week kickball drought, Gone to Plaid were champing at the bit to do some ballin’ and it showed.

After a quiet first inning, the Spaceballs put their first runs on the board with RBIs by Brennan and Kate, scoring Shelby and Asian.

The Assholes would break it open in the fourth, however, with a two out rally that plated 7 runs, including two by Game MVP Wayne and a three run home run by Captain Big.

Wayne doesn’t like the limelight, so refrained from comment after the match, though he expressed affection for his teammates and was proud of their performance.

Defensively, Gone to Plaid were sparkling. Aside from Big throwing the ball into the weeds in the fifth, the Assholes played an error-free game, with contributions coming from all over the field. Shelby and Angela made big catches at their positions but the defensive play of the game went to Asian, who made a phenomenal one-handed snag at second robbing the Kicks of at least a single.

“I’m so proud of myself for catching that ball! I went like this then I went like that and held on to it!” she said, breathlessly.

The Plaid took advantage of the superb conditions to try some players at new positions. Matty finally got his start behind the plate and excelled.

“Getting’ a shot behind the plate was awesome,” said Matty. “The bums were nice, of course, but I'm more concerned whether or not they give good helmet. Having such a great fielding team was instrumental in this win when our opponents tried to mount a rally, and it was GREAT to watch it all from home plate!”

Due to some last minute scratches, Colin “Man of” found himself in shallow center, again. However, he played the position like a true vet, making a key out in the late going at second base.

“I know hick I was playing center field, but I hadn't hick been to second base in a while, so when the opportunity hick presented itself, I reached out and grabbed hick it!”

The Fresh Kicks managed a brief rally in the fifth to put two runs across when Big (again, insisting on being solely responsible for all runs allowed this season) threw the ball into the weeds.

Gone to Plaid hopes to hold on to this momentum as they move into the last few weeks of the season, their eyes on the coveted Division Title and the glory of the MA Patriot Championship beyond that.

Next week they will face off against the veteran and streaking Bootleggers.

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