Gone to Plaid Shoot Shoot Til Yah Boot Til They Boot

The Spaceballs arrived at the final game of the 2011 MA Patriot season the same way they started the first, at full throat and in high spirits. With the prospect of an undefeated season at hand, they took the field with pride, determination and verve.

While the offense had an uncharacteristically slow first inning, they started cooking in the second with a 2 RBI double by Game MVP Nancy.

“After two weeks of walking, my legs were itching for a big kick,” said Nancy. “My opportunity came in the 2nd with bases loaded and one out. It has been my goal to one day kick a home run. Well I got the next best thing!”

Chris then brought in Wayne and Rob finished the attach with a sac fly to score Nancy.

The scoring continued in the fourth with a 3 RBI single by Pete. Vapok then scored on a single by Brennan.

The final Asshole run would come in the fifth off of a Big Home Run.

Defensively, Gone to Plaid were clearly relaxed. However, the play of the night went to Kate, who saved a certain run-scoring boot to left center with a solid catch.

“I have been working on improving my reception skills, and I suppose all of the four-leaf clovers that I have been hunting out there have come in handy!” said Radio. “It was nice to get my hands on that ball! I may not be able to kick, but apparently I can catch! I’m a much more feminine Carl Crawford!”

At the other end of the spectrum, a missed tag by Big that rolled into centerfield resulted in a pair of runs for the Green in the fifth. Asian’s “Swim Move” finally failed her as a twisting pop-up managed to spin out of her hands. Seamus, however, put the most gray hair on his captain’s head, spending the better part of the fifth inning lying on his side and picking daisies in right field.

When reached for comment, Seamus allowed only: “Rum.”

One of the plays of the season, however, has to go to the final out of the game. A perfectly placed bunt down the third baseline forced Kevin to charge hard from third. Instead of scooping the ball up for the throw, however, he chose to shoe the ball over to first to get the runner.

“I never want to see him do that again,” said Big. “But I have to admit, that was freaking awesome!

Though the performance wasn’t flawless, its larger meaning for the season is clear. Gone to Plaid finish the regular season undefeated and take the first place seed going into the playoffs, with a bye round.

“I’m enormously proud,” said a tearful Captain Big. “This is a great squad. I couldn’t ask for better. The sky’s the limit for the Spaceballs!”

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