Spaceballs Drain 40oz Tiger Bloods

The night was warm as the black and pinks faced off on the dirt field at Cambridge Common. Many of the Spaceballs sported a gold-ringed sock on their right legs to commemorate the Boston Bruin’s historic Stanley Cup victory (though the “Bruin Fan Award” goes to Munt & Flip Vet JP who brought his replica Stanley Cup to the field and bar).

The game started quickly with both teams plating runners in the first. Matty kicked in Rob to put up the Assholes’ first run.

With bases loaded, Brennan then laced a sac fly into left field scoring fleet-footed Chris from third.

“Well at the time I got up there,” said Brennan. “I had just realized that the bases were loaded which didn't leave me a ton of room to bunt. So true to form I said, ‘Well, let’s just shoe the SOB and see where she lands.’ No fly is better than a fly with a sac behind it.”

With two men on, Big then kicked his second home run of the season to open up a comfortable lead over the fresh-faced Tiger Bloods. Shelby would then kick in Josh in the top of the third to close out the scoring for Gone to Plaid.

While it wasn’t a blow out, it never felt particularly close as the Spaceballs’ defense was sparkling, their only allowed run coming on an overthrow by Big to first.

Game MVP and “Hero for a Day” Chris had the catch of the day in left field saving at least one run.

“It felt nice to make that catch, awkward as it may have been,” said Chris. “I used my big fat head to clamp the ball against it. I’m a big damn hero.”

Other players on the team stepped up, as well, as the Spaceballs were faced with an unprecedented number of absent fielders, leading to a stretched depth chart. Rookie Matty played his first game at third base and excelled despite the pressure.

“Nerves? There’s ice in these veins!” said Matty. “Being thrown into the hot corner last minute was a pleasant surprise. While the corner wasn't particularly ‘hot’ for this game, it was a great challenge that I was happy to accept. When you got so much Schwartz in ya, it's easy to fight adversity.”

Many of Gone to Plaid then made their way to the bar where they, once again, dominated rivals Blue Steel at the flip cup table, led by the plucky Angel, who was unmatched in first flip landings.

The Spaceballs look forward to their next game against the Fresh Kicks of BallAir.

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