Gone to Plaid Scrimmage Pitch Intense, Take Notes

The drama of Thursday night’s match-up was short-lived when it became clear that the league’s competitive squad, Pitch Intense, would be unable to field a full squad and were forced to take a paper forfeit.

Because of their passion for the sport, however, both teams decided to give the crowd a show and play for nothing but honor and bragging rights.

With a final score of 4-0, Gone to Plaid was blanked for the first time in six seasons of kickball, but Captain Big was optimistic.

“It’s tough to take a rec team up against a squad like Pitch Intense and expect to put up crooked numbers,” said the captain. “It’s like triple-A against the Major League. That said, I’m really happy with our team’s defense tonight. We showed a lot of pluck and tenacity to stay after it despite being the overwhelming underdogs.”

Game MVP Leigh Tangerine, Esq. started her first game all season and was immediately challenged in center field, taking a ball off the face in the early going. Shortly afterwards, another bomb came her way and, without blinking, she stepped up and made a big catch.

“It was wonderful to have kickball back in my life,” said Leigh. “I learned that it is better to catch the ball instead of trying to direct it to the second basewoman with your eye socket. But I still hope to bring that same aggression to the base paths next week. I also learned that it is hard to hear cute guys make fun of your outfit when you are wearing a hollowed-out kickball on your head.”

The other outfielder to come up huge making use of both arms and face on a run-stealing catch was rookie Shelby. Shelby missed last week with a nasty case of Dengue Fever, so most sources were doubtful of her match fitness. However, the gutsy fielder took her spot in left field and came up big with a tough catch on a hard-kicked ball that she did will to hold onto.

When asked about her technique, Shelby quipped, “All I know is that, for most of us, the kickball field isn't the first or last place we'll be getting hit in the face by a ball.”

The Spaceballs learned lessons all night, on the field and off.

“I learned a valuable lesson last night,” said Seamus. “A personal 2 liters of rum & coke are a bad idea unless you are planning to pick up an order of Crab Rangoon from the Mexican Chinese place and a chicken parm calzone from a pizza shop on the walk home from the T.”

Words to live by.

Gone to Plaid is looking forward to a return to form the second half of the season with an eye on a rematch against Intense in the Finals.

“We’ll be ready,” said Big. “Our strategy may include the addition of fast-acting laxatives to their Gatorade or itching powder in their jock straps, but we’ll be ready.”


  1. Note to self: Don't drink the Gatorade.
    SubNote to self: Don't drink the Gatorade out of the jock strap.
    Once again - Sorry about the foot Pete
    Sorry about the Boobies Frey.

  2. Dag! I *knew* it was a bad idea to reveal our dastardly plans in blog form!

    Also, I TOLD you you should kiss them better!