Bandits get wet with Schweaty Balls, come out on top

The Wet Bandits staged a three-run rally to overcome an early deficit and defeat the Schweaty Balls, 4-1, in Week 2 of WAKA Minuteman Division action.

Just hours before first pitch, there were questions if the game would even take place, thanks to thunderstorms in the greater Somerville area. But the skies cleared, leaving the field just how the Bandits like it: wet.

The Schweaty Balls got off to a 1-0 lead in the second inning and held Los Banditos scoreless through three innings, but the "Triple N" bottom of the order -- Nancy, Nathan and Nick -- got things going in the fourth with three consecutive hits. Amanda added a fourth at the top of the order, and Yuval, Colin and Captain Monkeybutt followed with three consecutive RKI to take the lead for good. Big added an insurance home run in the fifth, and Sierra Navarra made a great stab at first base in the bottom of the inning to seal the deal.

"It was a close fought game out there," said Big. "It was wet. At times it was sassy. But in the end, we licked 'em. We licked those Schweaty Balls!"

The Bandits could have scored more runs in the fourth inning but fell victim to an extremely rare triple play on a low line drive that caused confusion among the baserunners.

"I gotta say, the Schweaty pitcher scooped that ball up within a millimeter of the ground," said Zach. "It was a pretty awesome catch. But the best part was the old-timey banjo hoedown that played in my head while the runners shuffled hilariously back and forth along the basepath."

The wet grass made fielding an adventure, but the Bandits did a great job keeping the ball in front of them and preventing big plays, even when they couldn't make a catch. Nathan, Zach and Spartacus were among the defenders who made big heads-up plays in the field.

"It was great to be back after a seven-week kickball hiatus, albeit at times rough," said Spartacus. "I think I heard people singing circus music around me at one point. But we Won! And that is all that matters."

Yuval's 2-for-2 day at the plate, with an RKI and run scored, earned him game MVP honors as the Bandits improved to 2-0 on the young season. They next take on New Kicks on the Block on Monday night.

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