Week 3: Captain's Note

Hello Hippos!

I hope you're ready. I hope you're hungry. I hope you're thirsty.

Because, once again, it's week 3 of Patriot Summer Division Kickball.

This week we're playing at 7:30 on Field 1 (DIRT! YES!) against "Where My Pitches At".

Aside from being a new team with a completely unoriginal moniker, these guys also aren't perfect. They lost to Spanking Machine during week one play, 1-2. They are eminently beatable, as long as we play our game. So I want you guys pumped up for some Killer Kickball (tm)!

We also have equipment and reffing duties this week. So I could use some help in the form of corner refs at the 6:30 game, and if anyone is willing to grab the equipment gab from Tommy Doyles, that would also be awesome.

In other news: News!

Both Tristan and Colin posted entries to the team blog. Tristan has offered us insight into a world where drinking games aren't limited to just ONE table. Nay, Tristan writes, let us play a game with not one, not two, not three but FOUR tables! It's Epic.

Colin has contributed to the madness not Once but Twice! Come see the infamy!

Finally, the recap for last week's game has also been posted.

SO, lemme know if you're gonna make it to this week's game! And lemme know if you are willing to help out with equipment and/or reffing duties! Let's get ready to run on the dirt!

Captain Big
King Hippos

"I met a kitten on the penthouse deck / into my ear he whispered kill me kill me / I walked straight over to the penthouse ledge / but then a crowd began to gather round me "

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