Hippos Foiled in Last Second Rally

It was Mustache Day at the park this week, but the Hippos’ early season woes continued on Thursday, when they fell to the Spanking Machine, 3-4.

The Orange Shirts’ offense came alive this week, plating runs in over half of the game’s innings. Though the score might not be impressive, only a few unlucky bounces prevented the Hippos from breaking the game wide open.

Tristan led off with a single in the first inning, and came around to score on a well-placed RBI bunt by Asian. Bold and heads-up baserunning by Frey almost cherry-picked a second run on the same play, exploiting the Machine’s confused fielders. However, she was tagged out at the very last second.

“She ran like a gazelle,” beamed Captain Big. “A little dancer’s stutter step at the end is the only thing that gave the Machines a chance to recover. She may have been tagged, but she went out with undeniable style. Only an alumnus of the Jeanette Neill Dance Studio could almost cross home with such grace.”

The defense held strong during the game, with continued solid play at the corners. The games’ Webgem, however, came in the fourth inning when game MVP Catie, the Hippos’ diminutive left-fielder, reeled in a high pop-fly that might have eaten up a lesser fielder.

“I've spent three seasons just looking cute in the outfield,” Catie said. “I'm glad I could finally contribute to the team!”

In the end, however, The Spanking Machine were able to take advantage of some lucky bounces and produce just enough offense to eek out a victory over the home team. The King Hippos remain resolute, however; confident of their destiny as Division Champions.

Veteran Hippos First Baseman Colin "Paul Konerko" Steele said, “It's not how you start. It's how you finish -- that's what she said -- and I'm sure the King Hippos will finish strong."

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