Spices Head Home Early: Resting Up For Fall Season

The Team Your Team Could Smell Like’s playoff run came to a surprisingly early end in the Semifinals on Thursday as the resurgent Balls Deep squad rose to the challenge and sent the top seeds home.

It was a tightly played game with strong efforts by both teams. While there were no improbable heroics by the underdogs like a one handed helmet catch to look back on, there will be those that will long question some of the decisions made on the field.

“Yeah, I think there are some sour grapes rolling around,” said Captain Big after the game. “When it comes down to it, though, I’m proud of my guys. They played their hearts out. Asian’s got a concussion, JP may have cracked some ribs, I strained a hip flexor. We left everything out there. We didn’t lose this game for lack of heart, that’s for sure.”

“Emotions were very high with all teams but things fell the way they fell,” said Phil. “That's the fun and simultaneous sucking of kickball.”

FBJ took home the Game MVP trophy and will hold onto it until Spartacus returns. Lindsey, despite being missed on the day, was awarded the Spices’ Season MVP Award for lifetime contributions to the team (and for being the one to find what many consider to be the best Munt and Flip Squad MVP trophy of all time).

It’s worth noting that an 8-0 regular season record with a +60 Run Differential is no fluke. While this loss stings, the frustration is undoubtedly exacerbated by the novelty of the sensation, this being the team’s first loss all year. Players and fans should remember that they already achieved greatness with their efforts during the regular season and quarterfinals.

Munt and Flip teams have proven themselves to be like fine wines. They improve with time, and it certainly doesn’t look like they’ve reached their peak. They’ll be back next Summer to reclaim their throne and are looking forward to starting the ball rolling this Fall in the Minuteman Division.

All the great ones leave their mark. We are (now) The Wet Bandits!

The Team Your Team Could Smell Like Season Statistics

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