Greetings Spices!

Opening day cometh! We are now 7 days away! It's the Final Countdown! (You are encouraged to listen in another tab while you read on.)

First, for the short attention spans (*cough* Brennan)...

  • WHEN: 6:30(5/27)


  • WHO: WHERE MY PITCHES AT (Texas Orange... ewwww)


  • Note: We will ref the 7:15 game on Field 2 between Blue Steel and Ballstars 4.0

  • Please let me know if you can or cannot make it!

  • Please remember to bring $8 (in cash, please) for socks and the iron-ons.

  • Remember, also, to bring a red shirt you can wear to the bar OTHER than your WAKA shirt, since that will be coming back with Amanda and I to be washed and ironed-on!

Now, ladies and gentlemen, if you'll indulge me, I'd just like to share a few thoughts...

I've got a good feeling about this season. With all the trials and tribulations the team has been through already -- before a ball has even been kicked -- due to registration issues, communication problems and the Red Sox and Revolution's rocky starts, I think we've been tempered in the fires of a hellish early Spring.

We're ready.

We've had our training montage. We've climbed our Russian mountain (in the snow). We've sanded a Japanese veteran's entire backyard porch/garden/fence/thing. We've sung Greased Lightening and managed to hold off the "That's what she saids" until after the curtain call. We're almost as well-prepared as Jackie Chan... almost

I look back on past successes and I see the future. Why, all one has to do is watch the video to see that there's greatness here. We've made awesomeness a tradition. We're a gosh darn INSTITUTION, people! Tonight (This season), we are the greatest [kickball] team in the world (Cambridge Common... on Thursdays)!

Let's get pumped! It's kickball time, my friends!

Captain Big
The Team Your Team Could Smell Like

“[Kickball] is 90% mental. The other half is physical.” –Yogi Berra... if Yogi had played kickball...

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